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Cryptid Casefile: The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Type: Extraterrestrial / Troglodyte

Height: 3 feet

Appearance: Upright pointed ears, large yellow glowing eyes, thin atrophied limbs, claw-like hands, silver skin or clothing, walked with a hip “swaying” motion

Abilities: Levitation, bulletproof Location: Kelly-Hopkinsville area, KY, USA

We just passed the 65th anniversary of this great case which happened In 1955. This is one of the most well documented and witnessed close encounters event ever recorded. Little did a farm family in a small, rural Kentucky town known what manner of high strangeness was about to descend upon them. This is the story of the Hopkinsville Goblins...

The story goes that on August 21st, 1955, near the towns of Kelly and Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Billy Ray Taylor and his wife were visiting the Sutton family farm. At 7PM, Billy Ray ventured outside to retrieve fresh water from the well pump as the farm house had no running water or electricity. Billy Ray suddenly spotted a strange light in the Western sky and described what appeared to be a disc shaped craft. The craft had multiple colored lights on its side.

Billy Ray rushed back inside to tell everyone what he just witnessed. His account was brushed aside as probably just a particularly bright shooting star. An hour later at 8PM the family started hearing strange noises coming from outside the farmhouse. It was then that the Sutton family dog began barking at something outside. Billy Ray and two of the Sutton boys, Elmer “lucky”, and, Solomon grabbed their guns and went outside to investigate the ruckus. It was at this point that the men observed a small being emerge from the nearby woods.

The unknown creature approached the three men within 20 feet of the Sutton house. In a true "shoot first, ask questions later" manner, Billy ray and the Sutton boys opened fire from the farmhouse porch, but no effect. They later described that the bullets hitting the creature bizarrely sounded like they ricocheted off metal bucket. After the men gave this being a volley of lead, it appeared uninjured and quickly retreated back into the woods. Wanting to be sure they had wounded the creature, or done something to it, they decided to go after it. As they stepped off the porch something told them to turn around. As the three men turned back they saw another one of the creatures perched on the awning of the porch, stalking them. The men gave this next creature the same treatment as the last. Taylor and the Suttons claimed to hear the same metal clanging sound and actually managed to knock this second creature off the awning. Despite their barrage of bullets, this creature too was entirely uninjured.

Taylor and the Sutton boys realized they might be in over their heads and retreated back inside the house. The three were in quite a disturbed state after what they just experienced. A few minutes later things got even more bizarre. To their horror, the Sutton family started seeing the creatures peering into the farmhouse windows and at their front door, seemingly harassing and frightening them half to death. Every time one appeared, Billy Ray and the Sutton brothers would open fire indiscriminately towards them and wound up shattering several windows. Billy ray and the Suttons could do nothing to harm these strange creatures while they attempted to defend the small farm house while the the two families inside were scared for their lives. At one point it was reported the family could hear several creatures on the roof of the house making clawing sounds, as if to break into the house. The Suttons reported that they thought there might be up to a dozen alien creatures accosting them.

These creatures never did physically came into the house and harmed the Suttons and Taylors, nor did they appear to want to cause harm. After enduring hours of terror, both families fled the farm house around 11PM to seek safety at the local police station 30 minutes away. The families filed a report describing the attackers as 3 foot tall goblin-like creatures. The police chief, Russell Greenwell stated, "Something had frightened the witnesses, something beyond their comprehension." The Suttons and Taylors returned to the farm house an hour or so later with cadre 20 law enforcement officers. When they arrived, the goblins were nowhere to be seen, but the damage on the home was visible from multiple bullet holes and broken windows. After some time, the police left.

While the Taylors and Suttons tried settling in for the evening, it turns out their encounter was not over yet. In seemingly a final farewell, around 3am the goblins returned once more to the Suttons and Taylors. In another futile attempt, Billy Ray grabbed his gun and opened fire once agai. Again this had no effect and the families fled the house again. After that night the goblins never returned to the Sutton farm again. However, this may not have been the last time goblin-like creatures would harass families in rural Kentucky towns...

Fun Facts:

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins case popularized the term “Little Green Men”. Kelly, KY now has an annual event every third weekend called the Kelly “Little Green Men” Days, celebrating the anniversary of the event.

Possible explanations:

• Misidentified meteors

• Misidentified aggressive pair of great horned owls

Thanks for reading!

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