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The Calvine UFO Photo

On the evening of August 4th, 1990 two young men working as chefs at a hotel in Pitlochry Scotland, witnessed something incredible in the sky and managed to capture photographic evidence of it.

They got off their shift at 9pm and drove out to the nearby Cairngorms National Park, to go for a walk and hang out. They were only walking for a few minutes when suddenly they saw this massive diamond-shaped object, estimated to be about 100 feet long hovering silently in the sky. Terrified, they hid behind some bushes and within a few minutes, a pair of RAF Harrier jets came into the scene, intercepting this UFO and circled it before flying back from where it came.

As this was happening one of the men, had a camera with him and managed to fired off 6 shots as one of the Harrier Jets was circling the craft, just before it shot vertically into the sky at incredible speed. They took the photos and their story to Scotland’s Daily Record but the story was never released and the photos were passed along to the Ministry of Defence.

Interestingly it seems the photos were never classified, sent back to the Daily Record. After that they were considered lost. However, the names of the witnesses are to be sealed until 2076 due to privacy concerns. One of the photos (pictured above) was finally released to the public thanks to retired RAF officer, Craig Lindsey who had broken protocol and took a copy of this image before they were sent to the MoD in London.

Researchers who have studied this photo believe it to be genuine. In addition, Nick Pope, former MoD, was told by a member from the Defense Intelligence Staff that the photos were real. There are other theories, like this was a hoax, a reflection off water (not possible due to there not being any water bodies where this was taken - see above picture), or experimental military. So, that that with a grain of salt.

But, what do you think? Does this photo really show a UFO? Let me know in the comments!

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