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Welcome to the official Strangeology website!

Okay, this has been a long time coming and I decided it's high time to put together a legit website complete with blog and a shop for awesome Strangeology threads & gear!

If you're new to Strangeology, welcome! 2020 has been an insane year so far with everything happening in the world. I created Strangeology in April of this year as a hobby with the goal of expanding my knowledge of the weird and sharing it with other people via social media (Instagram first then later integrating Facebook). It's especially for those who have a passion for cryptozoology, aliens & UFO's, the paranormal, conspiracies and world mysteries.

These subjects have drawn me in ever since I was a kid. I have memories of going to the library in school growing up - most kids would be reading regular fiction stories, but I always gravitated towards books on UFO's, Bigfoot, ghosts, The Loch Ness Monster - you name it. A large part of that interest probably stemmed from personal experiences I had growing up in New England that can't be conventionally explained. As it has been a passion practically my whole life, and with having a lot of time on my hands lately, I decided to take the leap and carve my own path to exploring and exposing knowledge of these subjects. So far it's been an awesome ride, and I hope to continue creating awesome content for everyone to check out and digest!

If anything, it's something to take your mind off your everyday live and decompress with fascinating and strange tales. It is said that reality is often stranger than fiction.

Being a graphic designer by trade, I also decided to delve into creating merch designs with themes around cryptids, UFO's and more! I'm working on getting my own shop set up here, but in the meantime, Strangeology merch can be found at Amazon, Threadless, Teepublic, RedBubble, Spreadshirt, and now at Etsy as well! I have plans to make an actual store here on this website in the near future so everything's under one umbella! If you decide you like something enough to buy, I'm always super greatful as it helps myself and my family out a ton!

Anyway, this is my first blog post of many. I'll probably do some longer format posts which don't typically fit into the Instagram format in the future. Please make sure to check back frequently for new content and new merch!


Jeff // Strangeology

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