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Get in Touch with Strangeology!

Strangeology now has some new ways to get in touch! The first being a voicemail which my Podcast Listeners and Social Media Followers can feel free to call in and leave a nice message! The real point for the voicemail though is for listeners/followers who have personal stories to share about their encounters with the Strange & Unexplained! If you have had a run-in with cryptids, ghosts, UFOs or aliens, or just something straight up weird that could be classified as fortean, please call in and be detailed with your message. If the story is wild enough, it might get featured on an upcoming Podcast episode!

Call Now: 802-448-0612

Strangeology now has a P.O. Box as well! If you'd like to send fan mail, or want to send gifts and that sort of thing, I'll do some unboxing videos on my YouTube channel/IG Live for you all!

Please send any regular mail/letters to:

Strangeology PO Box 681 Barre, VT 05641

Please send parcels to this address:

Strangeology 3 South Main Street #681 Barre, VT 05641-0681


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