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Cryptid Casefile: The Enfield Horror

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Type: Mutant, Alien or Demon

Appearance: Three legs/two arms, large pink/red eyes, short claws, gray & hairy.

Height: 4.5 feet tall

Location: Enfield, IL, USA

Abilities: Bulletproof, Super Speed

During the late spring of 1973 a bizarre menace descended on the small midwest town of Enfield, Illinois. This creature became known as The Enfield Horror...

On the evening of April 25th, 1973 the first witness of this beast, wad a young boy by the name of Greg Garrett. Garrett claimed this creature appeared in the backyard of his house and attacked him. He described it has having no less than three legs, gray slimy skin, large red eyes and short claws. when face to face the horror, it stomped and clawed at on Garretts feet and shredded his shoes. At this point, he fled to the safety of his parents house.

Later that night, Garret’s neighbor, henry McDaniel and his family also went toe-to-toe with this monster. McDaniel returned to his home at 9:30PM to find his two children in a terrified state saying that a “thing” was trying to break into the house. At this point, McDaniel heard a scratching at the door. He went to the door and flung it open, thinking it was just an animal. What stood before him was something straight out of a David Cronenberg film. The same creature that just terrorized his neighbor apparently was not finished with its business of scaring the local populace in Enfield.

McDaniel slammed the door shut and fumbled his way to grab his .22 pistol fearing for his family’s life. He returned to the front door and swung it open once more. This time confirmed that the being was no hallucination. McDaniel then opened fire on this bizarre monstrosity. He emptied 4 rounds into it with no effect. The creature only hissed then bounded away, covering 50 feet in a series of 3 leaps. The authorities were called, but the only evidence they could gather were some scratches on the side of McDaniel's home and dog-like footprints that appeared to belong to a 3-legged animal, with one track being slightly smaller than the dominant two.

A couple weeks later on may 6th, McDaniel was awakened by dogs howling in the middle of the night near his house. He again armed himself with his firearm and cautiously opened his front door to investigate. There it was, the creature was back again! Thankfully for McDaniel, it was off in the distance skulking on the nearby l&N railroad tracks. His second report to the authorities created a media frenzy, which drew many monster hunters & investigators from all over. It got to the point that the town sheriff threatened to jail McDaniel if he continued to incite panic with his terrifying tale.

One group of five, well-armed monster hunters claimed to have a run-in with The Enfield Horror in the wilderness outside of town. Like McDaniel, they tried shooting it, but the creature again proved to be impervious to gunshots and it was seen quickly exiting the scene, faster than any human could. One final witness, rick rainbow, a news director of WWKI in Kokomo, IN claimed to have seen a short, stooping, gray entity lurking around some abandoned buildings not far from garret and McDaniel's homes. Rainbow claimed to have captured an audio recording of this strange, 3-legged beast.

During the local hysteria, renowned Cryptozoologist & founder of The International Cryptozoology Museum, Loren Coleman, traveled to enfield to investigate the situation and speak with eyewitnesses. While searching an area of town where the creature had been sighted before, Coleman says he heard strange screeching sounds. some investigators believe The Enfield Horror was connected with UFO sightings at the time and others asserted that its aggressive behavior of wanting to break into homes were hallmarks of demon attacks.

Since these encounters, no further reports have surfaced of this cryptid. Whatever it was, was truly bizarre and scary. Ultimately we may never know what this thing was that stalked the town of Enfield, Illinois in the late spring of 1973.

Possible Explanations:

• It was an escaped kangaroo from a nearby zoo

• A wild ape

• A mass hallucination

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